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Small Pet Choices

Small Pet Choices                                                          

Are you a kid that is thinking of getting a small pet?  That is something that I have been contemplating and this is what I learned.
   My mother and I found out that we both have allergies to certain dogs and cats, so I have been looking at small pets instead. I like the idea of a small pet, because there is a wide selection of them and many my mother and I are not allergic to. But in order to get a new small pet you should do a lot of research on them.
       The first small pet  I chose is a common pet for most young pet owners. Fish! I have two goldfish Pixel and Watercolor they are so relaxing to watch!
  Fish are a great pet because anybody can own one, Young and old! Also if you live in a apartment and don’t have enough room for a dog or cat. Fish don’t take up much room and are very fun to watch. Also there are many ornaments to choose from!!

Things you will need for your fish:
1. Tank, any tank size is good just make sure to see how many fish  the tank can hold if you are getting more than one fish.
2. Gravel
3. a filter
4. a light
5.Water conditioner, I use Stress relief from API because it  helps a fish if it is sick or hurt, if your adding a fish or your Ph gets out of whack!!!
6. Aquarium salt
7. A live plant or fake plant
8. A algae scrubber
9. Fish food
10. Of course your fish
this should cost from 50 dollars to 100 dollars (depending on how big the tank is)

  I love my goldfish and now I am thinking of getting another small pet.  I like small pets like hamsters  because they are cute.  There are many kinds of hamsters: short-haired, syrian, dwarf, etc. 
Hamsters can cost from $13-20. Hamsters are great for kids ten and older(though the children may need help cleaning the cage).  Hamsters are nocturnal, therefore they make noise at night and may keep you awake with squeaky toys. But there are silent wheels, so you can go to sleep. Hamsters shouldn’t be out of the cage walking around on their own because they could get lost and you may never see them again! I have heard that glass tanks are better than a cage with wires and tubes because it is easier to clean for beginners. Also it is great to get chew toys and sticks for your hamsters, because their teeth never stop growing and they chew toys to keep their teeth nice and small.  You can use sticks from your backyard as long as they’re from a fruit tree; other sticks are harmful to your pet.
things you need for your hamster:
1. A cage, you can get a glass one with a mesh top or a plastic one.
2. Bedding, Aspen shaving is the best to get and on of the cheapest. (Pine and cedar shavings have oil in them that can harm your pet)
3. Food
4. A water bottle, The glass tanks may not come with a little water bottle for your pet so you will have to buy one. Most of the plastic starter cages do!
5. Chew toys, Because the teeth never stop growing
6. Treats, There are many treats at your local pet shop. But you can also use cheese.
7. Tunnels, huts, igloos, and other places for your hamster to hide.

You could expect to spend 50 dollars to 110 dollars (depends on what cage you buy and toys you buy)

    Another type of pet that can live in a tank is a reptile.
But they do cost a lot of money to maintain. In general these animals can be cool and fun to watch, but I recommend them for people over thirteen because they are very hard to to keep up with. Also if you don’t like live insects, then I don’t recommend them to you. But overall they are fun loving pets and are super cool to watch. Some even change colors. I totally recommend these to older kids but as long as an adult doesn’t mind helping little kids then go for it!!!

Thing you will need for your Reptile:
  1. A tank (Better to get a high tank rather than a long tank, so your reptile can’t get out)
  2. A heat lamp for night and day
  3. gravel or something else to put on the bottom
  4. Vines and leaf vines for your pet
  5. A place for your pet to hide
  6. water
  7. crickets
  8. Something to put your live crickets in
  9. food for crickets
  10. calcium dust
  11. and of course Your Reptile!!
 This will cost you around a 100 dollars to 300 hundred dollars!

Though fish are the cheapest and reptiles are more expensive you can never go wrong with either! I have chosen to get a hamster because I don't think I could hold a reptile, and I already have fish!! I hope you enjoyed!!

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